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Who are we?

Created in 2005, the collective called « orKs Grand Poitiers » became in 2008 an association governed by the law of July 1st 1901 and the decree of August 16th 1901. In 2018, we sealed our union with the Urban Community of Grand Poitiers by becoming the first esport club in France supported by a local authority. Since 2020, we have created and are leading the Federation of Esport Associations of France.

Summary of the DNA of orKs Grand Poitiers
« orKs Grand Poitiers is a non-profit association with the aim of :

  • The promotion of video games, digital tools and playful practices,
  • The implementation of physical activities based on video games, digital tools and playful practices,
  • The creation of links between players in order to maintain a community open to all,
  • Promote the development of individual and collective skills by setting up training sessions in order to prepare for any official competition (sports practice / video game),
  • To create, initiate and support any action in line with a youth and popular education approach, especially those related to video games, digital tools and playful practices,
  • To create, initiate and support any action allowing to reduce the existing digital divide between neighborhoods and territories,
  • Create, initiate and support any action of public and social utility or general interest in connection with video games, digital tools and playful practices. To promote any action allowing to create and maintain bridges between sport and esport.

The association « orKs Grand Poitiers » is secular and is not affiliated or linked to any political, union or religious party. It wants to be philanthropic, educational and social, it also wishes to promote and democratize the practice of sports (competitive practice of video games) by making it accessible to all. More broadly, the association wishes to defend the idea that the video game culture has a heritage that allows it to be qualified as a true cultural heritage that must be defended, preserved, and especially, to make discover.

Our activities

orKs Grand Poitiers is currently structured around 3 major axes :

  • Teams of competitors who wear our colours the four corners of the globe, and this, on all the games on the videogame front.
  • We are involved in events related to e-sports and the organisation of various tournaments. tournaments.
  • Supervised practice and discovery of esport in a recognised club supported by the local area.

Achievements of our players/teams:
orKs Grand Poitiers has always made a point of coaching national and even international esport teams. Today, the association supervises and supports teams on 15 different video games. This year, these teams have worn the colours of orKs Grand Poitiers and its supporters in more than a hundred online competitions. Despite the health context today, the teams have scored no less than 57 podiums in various tournaments, including 27 awards in major tournaments and 8 first places. 

Amongst these achievements, we can mention :

  • three qualifications of our Fortnite team at the Frosty Frenzy which won $3,600,
  • a Top 3 finish by our Brawlhalla team at the Brawlhalla Spring Championship 2021 2v2 among over 2000 teams,
  • two French championship titles for our FIFA team in 11vs11 in the EFA2021,
  • a Top 2 at the ESL National Championship on Warcraft III Reforged,
  • two titles including European champions for our NBA2K20 team.

orKs Grand Poitiers has always been a source of players for the big esport teams. Today, we can mention VinS for Monaco Esport, Glutonny for Solary, Clem the Starcraft II prodigy for Team Liquid.

Events organized by the association:

25 January 2020 : Family Game Festival (at Saint-Julien l’Ars)
22 Febuary 2020 : Family Game Festival (at Rouillé)
07 March 2020 : Family Game Festival (at Poitiers)
17 April 2020 : Esport Student Tournament #1
19 September 2020 : Family Game Festival (at Sèvres Anxaumont)
18 december 2020 : Esport Student Tournament #2
21 January 2021 : Esport Student Tournament #3

In addition to team coaching, the orKs Grand Poitiers association animates the local territory by organising various events for the general public. Young and old alike can therefore take part in these events, which are specially designed to promote the competitive practice of video games, but also to raise awareness of digital practices such as programming, for example. In these events, we can therefore come across various practices such as retrogaming, virtual reality, edutainment or even friendly free play.

In addition, the association also carries out projects aimed at promoting esport among students by providing them with competitions specially designed for them on free video games.



Over the 2020-2021 season, orKs Grand Poitiers appeared in more than 39 articles, notably in major French magazines such as Ouest-France, La Depêche du Midi and France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This led the association to have a media impact of 9,089,000 potential views

In addition to the traditional press, orKs Grand Poitiers has several successful Twitter accounts with 9780 followers for the main account and 2460 followers for the Twitter account of our FIFA game cluster. Over the 2020-2021 season, the main @orKsGP account has made over 1696 tweets with 4,200,000 impressions, 210,000 engagements and therefore an average engagement rate of 4.95%. The AOC Gaming logo was seen by more than 170,000 unique people through our Twitter communication, our website and our players’ shirts.

Project for the 2021-2022 Season

Our collective, created in 2005, became a registered association in 2008 under the name « orKs eSports ». In 2018 we became the first esport club in France to be supported by a local authority (the urban community of Grand Poitiers) in the same way as a traditional sports club. This is when our name became « orKs Grand Poitiers » (inspired by American sports franchises with a mascot and a city in the naming, like « Chicago Bulls », here « orKs Grand Poitiers »). Tweet from that time: https://twitter.com/ZeuMarmotte/status/971712099935227907. Some press articles (both local and specialized): Nouvelle République, France 3, Connect esport, etc.

With 15 years of experience in esports and video games, we now have a very large number of projects. In addition to our activity of coaching players, you will find below our completed projects, in progress or to come :


For many years we have developed a wide range of activities for young people and families, but also for social purposes. In particular, we have recently built a project with the « Mission Locale d’Insertion du Poitou » (integration structure for school dropouts and unemployed young people) and FuturoLAN association, a project called « Team Job ».

We also want to develop the establishment of « sports clubs » operating in exactly the same way as traditional sports clubs, with young people being welcomed on Wednesday afternoons and adults on weekday evenings… The primary objective is to democratise the practice by making it accessible to all (naturally reducing the digital divide that can exist between different neighbourhoods in the same area). Indeed, access to video game stations is still quite expensive (and not accessible to everyone). Another positive point in setting up this type of system is the supervision, the initiation to the « good practice » of video games, allowing to eliminate all the excesses that can exist.

We also carry out other activities related to video games or digital technology in general :

  • such as parent and parent/child workshops to help and support families to properly protect children by setting up parental controls (sometimes very difficult to set up),
  • but also to set up small video game events (after COVID). Virtual reality, retrogaming, rhythm and music games, « free play friendly » game zones, … we have something for everyone,
  • but also to propose programming initiation workshops with edutainment workshops in schools (from the age of 3).

Our demands

We would like to continue the loan of equipment (monitors and TVs). Ideally, we should have visibility over 2 or 3 years because we work on innovative structuring projects (clubs) which need stability and visibility. Concerning the material, it should be under a donation system (either to equip the clubs or to equip our competitive players) and renewed every year. We do not ask for sponsorship in money. The loan and donation of equipment is much more useful for us. Given the history we have with AOC and Philips, we are fully prepared to part with our peripheral partner (KONIX) to make room exclusively for AOC/AGON/PHILIPS.

Here are our demands:

  • 50 AOC GAMING or AGON monitors (specs: 1 ms / 144hz / 27″)
  • 10 PHILIPS Momentum (specs : 43″)
  • 40 AGON gaming keyboards (specs : GK500 or AGK700)
  • 40 AGON gaming mice (specs : GM500)
  • 40 AGON mousepads (specs : AMM700)

If there are any problems on the application list, please let us know so that a review can be carried out. The most important thing for us is the provision of screens and TVs.





Pierre Mc Mahon
President of the Board



Jérémi Mapas
Secretary of the Board